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What is the Ignite Leadership Program (ILP)?


The IGNITE Leadership Program is a bi-weekly exploratory program for freshmen and sophomores that builds the foundation for students to hold leadership positions in Dance Marathon.


IGNITE gives members a “behind the scenes” look of the operations of DM. Members will have the opportunity to work closely with Staff and Morale throughout the year and in the spring, will be able to shadow committees they are interested in. IGNITE will go on hospital tours, engage with miracle families, learn fundraising tips, help on Greene Street push days, choreograph their own section of the Morale dance, and plan their own event.


IGNITE will meet Sunday Evenings @8pm in the Russell House Theatre 

This is a step further than just being a hero and is a gateway to joining Morale and Staff next year! If you have questions or would like to express interest in joining Ignite, please contact our ILP Director,  Molly Claire Mitchell at

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