What is the Hero Promise Challenge?

Throughout the year, USCDM will be challenging our heroes to complete a series of fundraising campaigns to complete the “Hero Promise.” Each campaign will be a different fundraising amount, each with a significant meaning for our program.


With each challenge completed through the 2018-19 fundraising year before Main Event 2019, you will become eligible to receive various prizes. 


Complete five challenges and you will have reached your hero fundraising minimum and be eligible to receive a variety of special incentives at Main Event!

What is the significance of promise? 

This year, USCDM has announced a campaign of "We Promise." With this campaign, we set out to recognize why our participants continue to join us on this journey and the promises that we make as individuals, as an organization and as a campus all For The Kids. Through this campaign we promise to work together to make a difference, we promise to remain limitless, and we promise to do everything we can to improve the lives of the children and families treated at Prisma Health Children’s Hospital.


This year, as a campus and organization we have set a promise to raise $1,190,000 all for the kids. And now we want to invite all of our participants to join us as we promise to never stop fighting for the kids. 

The "Hero Promise Challenge" gives each participant an opportunity to promise to continually fight for the kids by completing these challenges and fundraising year-round. Additionally these challenges are designed to help you work towards your participant fundraising minimum of $119, representing the promise each dancer makes to fundraise $1 for each bed in Prisma Health Children's Hospital.

What prizes and incentives can I expect?

Prizes have the potential to include anything from free merchandise items, to additional benefits at main event, invitations to family and hospital events, entries into raffles, and so much more! 

How many challenges will there be?

There will be around 7 different challenges each scattered throughout the year leading up to Main Event. The goal is to complete each challenge within 24 hours!

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