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What is Miracle Cup?

Miracle Cup is a friendly competition between registered teams throughout the year. Teams will be competing against each other within either the Garnet or Black bracket for points, and the teams with the most points in each bracket will win a prize at the end of Main Event on March 3, 2018. Heroes can reference the Point Opportunities link above to see the full list of ways to gain points for their respective registered teams.


Who will I be competing with?

This is a competition between registered teams, not Color Teams. You will be competing with the team that you registered with. The Garnet Bracket is for Greek organizations and the Black Bracket is for non-Greek organizations. Individuals will be combined into one team, and they will compete in the Black Bracket.

How can my team get points?

The various point opportunities, along with their values is available through the “Point Opportunities” link above. During the year and throughout Main Event, more point opportunities will be added, so keep a look out for those! These additional chances for points will be sent out to heroes through email, and will also be updated in the Hero Google Drive. 


Who will be keeping track of our points?

The Campus Relations team along with the Hero Relations committee will be keeping track of each team’s points throughout the year, with a monthly update of standings. Both team captains and heroes themselves are encouraged to send information about team members participating in point opportunities (pictures, lists of names) to to receive points!

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