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Miracle Cup Point Opportunities

Engagement (Year Long Opportunities):

  • Hosting a percent night on behalf of hero’s registered team (50 Points)

  • Percent night attendance (5 Points)

  • Team Organization becomes a sponsor for USCDM (10 Points)

  • Social Media Awareness:

    • Sharing your donation link on various social media outlets (5 Points)

      • Proof in the form of a screenshot and email MUST be sent to the Hero Relations Director

    • Team Member is named Hero of the Month in the monthly newsletter (10 Points)


Campus Involvement:

  • External Event Attendance (1 Point per member)

  • Canning with DM Staff (10 Points)

  • Bring a friend to register on Greene Street (3 Points)

  • $1 Sign in at Greene Street (3 Points)

  • Team Captains are present at designated meetings (5 Points)


In-Event Opportunities:

*Heroes will get a more defined schedule of Main Event activities so they understand various point opportunities that will await them on the day of*

  • Attendance at Main Event (1 Point per team member)

  • Specific In-Event Game Winners (10 Points)

  • Banner Competition Winner (25 Points) 

  • T-shirt Competition Winner (25 Points)

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