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Twas the Night Before Main Event

What should you bring to Main Event?

IT’S HERE. It’s the week of Main Event! We are so excited to see you bright and early at 10 A.M. March 2nd, with your minimum hit, 1 bag in hand, and decked out in your color team spirit items.

Now, if you’re in a slight panic, asking yourself “but…when do I eat?” “CAN I eat?”, “only ONE bag?!”, we wanted to let you in on our secret packing list to make the most of Main Event.

Other than your smiling face and a hype attitude, here’s what you should bring to Strom on March 2nd.

Extra socks and shoes

14 hours is a really long time. There are bound to be some tired feet. But don’t sit down just yet! A quick fix for hurting feet is just a switch-a-roo in the shoe department. Bringing an extra pair of shoes will help save your soles in the long run, and if you want to get extra comfy change your socks too!

LOTS of snacks

Now don’t worry, you will be fed twice throughout the day for lunch and dinner. However, if you’re a snacker, be sure to stick some goodies in your bag to have throughout the day. Whether it be granola bars, Goldfish, or anything your heart desires, but be sure to keep space in mind, as you can only bring ONE (1) bag into Main Event.

Theme hour clothing

One of the most fun things about main event is getting to dress up for theme hours! SO…what are the themes?

Accessories that match your color team (face paint, beads, etc.).

Gamecock spirit! (jersey, hats, t-shirt, etc.)

Tropical (hula skirts, swimmies, tropical shirts, leis)

USA/Olympics (America stuff)

White out/rave (neon and white clothes and accessories, glow sticks)

***PLEASE do not bring any glitter or feather boas***

Deodorant & Gold Bond

Stay ~fresh~ and be sure to bring deodorant to re-apply throughout the day. Throw some Gold Bond in there for some extra protection.


The best thing you could do for yourself to avoid burning out is to STAY HYDRATED. Bring a reusable water bottle to stay on your feet and avoid fatigue

MONEY (cash!!!)

Our merch team has been working super hard to provide the best DM Merch ever! They will have a table set up right outside the main gym for your shopping needs. Want a DM t-shirt? A button? We’ve got you!

Portable charger

Strom is a magical place, especially on the day of Main Event, however, with over 2,200 participants, outlets are hard to come by. If you want to keep your phone running all day, invest in a portable charge to keep on you throughout the day!

Fanny pack (will help keep important things on you)

Remember that thing your mom used to wear around her waist on your yearly trip to Disney World? Well they are BACK and better than EVER! Bring a fanny pack so that you can keep track of all of your snacks, portable charger, and money!

Advil/ any meds you need

Another thing you can keep in your fanny pack are pain medicines, or any other pills or medicine you may need throughout the day.

Hair ties

For my long-haired ladies and trendy man-bun gents, this will be a lifesaver. Throw your hair out of your face and focus on raising money FTK!

Don’t wait until Friday night at 10 PM to pack your bag! Get ready, pack, and hit your minimum early to enjoy a stress-free March 2nd!

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