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USC Dance Marathon has a way for everyone to get involved with a variety of different options based upon your level of desired commitment. From freshmen to seniors, those involved in other organizations or those looking to join their first, we want you to join our team!


Heroes are the driving force of our organization! When you register for Dance Marathon, you become a Hero and gain access to make this experience exactly what you want it to be. As a Hero, you gain your own personal fundraising page and are invited to all USCDM events, including our main event hosted in the spring semester! Anyone can register to be a Hero, whether you are a freshman or senior, involved in another organization on campus or looking to join your first. When you register, you will be given the option to register as an individual, join a team or make your own. Anyone can make their own team! Individuals and teams are then combined into larger color team groups.     

Registration for USCDM 2022 is OPEN!

Ignite Leadership Program

Ignite offers a unique experience for students who are new to USCDM. The program is designed specifically for underclassmen to learn more about USCDM while learning leadership skills that can help them throughout their time as collegians. Ignite will have bi-weekly meetings where members will learn about a new part of the organization while taking on small projects to help contribute to the success of USCDM. This program serves as the future of USCDM!    


Morale is the heartbeat of our organization. They keep up energy throughout the year and during Main Event! Morale is also in charge of teaching the line dance during the event, but no dancing skills are required. Morale members should be energetic and passionate about our cause and willing to share that with others to help grow our organization.  Morale is lead by the six color team captains, Head Morale, and the Director of Morale.

Team Captain Program 

Team Captains will be a liaison between Dance Marathon and their organization! They will attend biweekly meetings with their appropriate director, staff, and the Vice President of Campus Relations to keep in touch with all initiatives and projects. The Team Captain will also work to help USCDM become more involved in supporting your organization’s initiatives and projects! The Team Captain will work closely with the Vice President of Finance and Vice President of Campus Relations to create and track team fundraising and registration goals. Finally, the team captain will hold meetings for their organization members who are involved with USCDM to make sure everyone is up to date with Dance Marathon events, push days, fundraising efforts, and more.

Applications to be a Team Captain for USCDM 2022 are OPEN!

Membership Development Committee 

The Membership Development Committee will work closely with the Chief of Staff to plan events for One Team One Dream, as well as in-meeting membership and professional development activities. The committee will also work in coordination with other Directors to plan bonding activities. This committee is a half-year committee and is open to those who will be in Columbia for only one semester. This application is not open to those graduating in December. 



Committees are the feet on the ground for our organization. Committee members are an essential part of our year round planning and execute a variety of tasks throughout the year to make our event successful.  Each applicant will list multiple committees they are interested in and then go through an interview process to see where they will best fit and succeed inside the organization. Staff members are expected to raise a minimum of $750 and attend weekly staff and committee meetings. View the staff positions here.     

Applications to be on Staff for USCDM 2022 are now closed. 


Directors have the unique opportunity to work closely with the Executive Board members of their branch and lead the activities of their committee throughout the year to achieve a variety of tasks and projects. The specific responsibilities of a Director vary based on the committee's needs and focus throughout the year. Directors are expected to raise a minimum of $1,500 and attend weekly staff and board of directors meetings as well as host committee meetings each week and attend a majority of events throughout the semester. View the director positions here.

Applications to be a Director for USCDM 2022 are now closed.


The Executive Board consists of 9 members who have decided to dedicate all they are to the improvement of the organization. The Board consists of the VPs who lead their respective branch, and the President who leads the executive board and board of directors. The role of an Executive Board member is an intensive and extremely rewarding experience where you are given the opportunity to lead all aspects of USCDM in the upcoming year. Executive Board members are expected to raise $2,000 and attend weekly exec, board of directors and staff meetings. VP's are expected to meet with their branch members weekly and attend committee meetings whenever necessary. Additionally, executive board members are expected to support all event, initiatives and activities of USCDM throughout the year. 

Applications to be an Executive Board member for USCDM 2022 are now closed.

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