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What to Expect at Main Event

The countdown is on!

We are only 10 SLEEPS away from the best day of the year for our campus and our organization: MAIN EVENT!

Now, some of you may be wondering “what on the earth is Main Event?”

Well, we have just the help you need! Here’s a DM Dictionary to help you navigate Main Event like a pro!

Main Event:

Main Event is a 14 hour no-sitting, no-sleeping dance marathon. During main event, you can expect to hear stories from our miracle families, participate in theme hours, and to learn an awesome line dance taught by our morale team!


The Morale Team is a group of students that devotes its time to motivating the USCDM participants during the Main Event. Morale is here to help teach you the line dance, pump you up for Main Event, and support you through anything! Whether it’s help with fundraising or just a boost in energy, Morale is here to get you excited to raise $1.19 Million FTK!

Miracle Kids/Families:

A Miracle Kid is classified as someone who was treated at Palmetto Health Children's Hospital for a life-altering illness or event. Some of our Miracle Children are still undergoing treatment at the hospital. Children can be treated at the hospital until the age of 18. These children are considered Miracle Children for life!

Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital:

Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital is our local children’s hospital where we send 100% of all the money raised through USC Dance Marathon. We are currently the largest donor to the hospital and the funds that we raise directly benefit the Child Life Program in order to provide needed support for sick children and their families.

Line Dance:

The line dance is a 10(ish)-minute-long partner dance that our Morale Team creates over the school year and teaches at Main Event! The line dance is a fun way to stay engaged at Main Event and make new friends throughout the day!


DMPM is a huge rave at the end of Main Event before we flip our final fundraising total to celebrate all the hard work we’ve put into making Main Event possible! No matter what number is flipped, DMPM is our chance to dance and unwind after putting forth 110% all year FTK!

Mini Marathon:

A Mini Marathon is a shorter version of our Main Event benefiting Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital. Students at a local high school will organize the event with the help of our executive board while building school unity and learning the importance of philanthropy. Students will dance, play games and have fun with their friends all while supporting a great cause!

Comma Club:

Comma Club members are those Heroes and One Team, One Team members who have raised $1,000 FTK! Comma Club is a great honor and these individuals truly embody the values of our organization and have made a huge contribution to the mission of our organization and for that we are very appreciative!


Someone’s “WHY” is the reason they participate in USC Dance Marathon whether it be a personal

experience with Palmetto Health, or just a love for what we do as an organization! Everyone’s “Why” is different, but no “Why” is more important than the next! What’s your “Why”?


IGNITE gives members a “behind the scenes” look of the operations of DM. IGNITE team members are able to work closely with Staff and Morale to learn more about what we do as an organization from their perspective! IGNITE was also able to choreograph their own section of the Morale dance!

Speaking of morale…

One of our Head Moralers, Charlotte Ruble, has some tips on how to make the most of your 14-hour day at Strom!

  • "Take advantage of the miracle families there!” Our miracle families and miracle kids are the reason we do what we do! Meeting them and hearing their compelling stories put everything into perspective and gives everyone that extra boost of motivation to hit our goal! ($1.19 Million FTK *woot woot*)

  • "Always participate in the dance parties and go all out with the themes!” Throughout the 14 hours, there will be multiple theme hours that range from Carolina Hour to ‘Merica Hour! Be sure to bring extra ~festive~ clothes and costumes to get you in the spirit! Also, the line dance will be taught every hour, so be sure to make it to the main gym during those times so we can go all out in our final hour!

  • "Visit the fundraising booth and get tips” Main Event is a great opportunity to top off your fundraising after hitting your $119 minimum, or after hitting your own personal goal! Remember, your goal doesn’t limit you! Visit the fundraising tent during Main Event so our fundraising committee can help you reach your full potential FTK!

  • "Make friends with your color team morale members- we are DYING to meet you!” Our morale team has been working hard, and I mean HARD, to give you the best line dance in USCDM history! The morale team is the face of Main Event and is there to help you with the line dance, fundraising, and to keep ~morale~ high! Chat up a member of morale and leave with some new friends!

  • "Try and stay standing the whole 14 hours- it’ll be so worth it!” 14 hours is a long time. A very long time. However, it will arguably be one of the most valuable 14 hours you will be a part of during your time here at USC! Standing is part of the fun, and just imagine how accomplished you’ll feel when you sit down for the first time in 14 hours after raising $1.19 MILLION FTK!!

Want to see more? Check out last year’s recap videos!

We can’t WAIT to see you on March 2nd! Follow us on social media to stay updated on our events leading up to Main Event and share with us how YOU’RE preparing for Main Event!

Instagram: @uscdancemarathon

Twitter: @USCDM

Facebook: USC Dance Marathon

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