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Let's Talk Participant Fundraising Minimums!

It’s happening…

Dance Marathon’s Main Event is in EIGHT days. It’s been a year since our campus raised over $1 million for Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital and this time, we’re going bigger.

This is one of the biggest events on our campus each year, you’re not going to want to miss this.

But wait…

What do you do if you haven't raised $119 yet?

Fear not- we have ten fundraising tips to help YOU reach this goal in just one week. Here we go.

1. Post stories! Let your loyal followers know your goal and tell them all about DM. You can find new graphics every day from @USCDanceMarathon and share them to your own stories on Snapchat and Instagram. Make it easy for your future donors by linking your Donor Drive (you are able to link your Donor Drive on Snapchat) or Venmo to your stories!

2. Get your parents to share your Donor Drive on their Facebook pages. We all know the number one, sure fire way to boost your ego is when your parents post your picture on Facebook. The compliments from distant aunts, family friends and work associates come rolling in! They will love seeing you fundraising for such an honorable cause in college.

3. Email your favorite professors. Here’s a little known fact- our professors have to make one charitable donation every year. Well, the school year is coming to a close (sorry, seniors) and some professors still need to donate. Why not make that donation to your Donor Drive? Remember- until you ask, the answer is always no!

4. Driving! The weekend is coming up, gang. Throw your number into any and all GroupMe’s and let them know you are their Uber tonight. Set your price, share your Venmo and get driving. You can easily make over $100 in one night!

5. Go through your closet. That old function shirt you hardly wear, the jeans that are a bit too snug these days, the shoes you swore you’d wear, the Christmas present you aren't crazy about…admit it, you don’t need them. Make a Poshmark or throw them into a Facebook group and see just how fast you pass your goal!

6. Tutor your friends! Midterms are starting and there is nothing we need more than that killer study guide or someone to review term papers. Do you know someone younger than you in your major? Offer some old study guides or prep sessions next week for a donation!

7. Reach out to family members! Let’s face it, not all of our grandparents have mastered social media. Call your nana, text your uncle or email your grandpa letting them know exactly what Dance Marathon is and why their donation would make a profound impact on the Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital.

8. Canning! Head to Soda City this Saturday and collect change from generous farmers market-attendees. Grab an empty paint can (or the vessel of your choice, no judgements) and let everyone know you’re collecting coins for DM! You can also pass around a jar/fanny pack in classes for students to drop spare change and dollars in.

9. Make a bet! That’s right. Promise your buddies you’ll wear a wig to class, post that embarrassing Snapchat they screenshotted a while back or show up to your next function in the costume of their choice if you reach your fundraising goal. You’ll be surprised with how much support you get when public humiliation is on the table.

10. Good old Venmo requests! This is a classic move that is hard to turn down! Just request $10 - $12 on Venmo from a handful of people and you’ll be at $119 in no time (make sure to put in the description what you are raising money for).

Remember, $119 is your ticket in the door to Main Event AKA THE BEST DANCE PARTY IN THE WORLD. If on March 2 you decide you want to join us at Main Event, you can come in any time as long as you have raised $119. But don’t wait until March 2 to start your fundraising, get it done today!

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