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2019 - 2020 Executive Board

Justin Gill
Julia Malico
VP of Finance
Drew Blocker
VP of Community Relations
Julian Masters
VP of Communications
Grace Lady
VP of Campus Relations
Tori Canada
VP of Mini Marathons
Julia Treanor
VP of Productions
Sona Patel
VP of Partnerships
Alec Pourmoghadam
Chief of Staff

2019 - 2020 Board of Directors

Sara Pollin
Family Relations Director
Justin Leggin
Internal Productions Director
Danda Vikranth Reddy
Corporate Relations Director
Kylie Purcaro
Hospital Relations Director
Taylor Sharkey
Marketing Director
Cierra Marton
Public Relations Director
Hannah O'Toole
Alumni Relations Director
Caroline Selinger
External Productions Director
Regan Fosmire
Ignite Director
Application Open
Hospitality Director
Samantha Kratochvil
Co-Hero Relations Directors
Mel Carter
Co-Hero Relations Director
Application Open
Finance Director
Emily McDowell
Mini Marathons Director
Samantha Staszewski
Mini Marathons Director
Kayla Tumblin
Fundraising Director
Taylor Eck
Membership Development Director
Application Open
Merchandise Director
Asia Johnson
Morale Director
Tommy Donovan
Recruitment Director
Sidney Strauss
Design Director
Emma Chimera
Head Morale
Blake Martin
Head Morale
Megan Laurendeau
Community Engagement Director

2019 - 2020 staff will be selected in the fall 2019 semester