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2022-2023 Executive Board

Kelly Forrester


Izzy Yoos
VP of Membership Development

Merideth O'DonnellVP of Miracle Relations

Paige Apostolico 

VP of Partnerships

Casey Wells

VP of Campus Relations

Mary Brooks Wilson

VP of Community Relations


Hayley Dunn

VP of Communications

Maddie Stampone
VP of Productions
Tyler Maple​​
VP of Finance
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2023-2024 Board of Directors

Sarah Mack​​
Recruitment Director
Morale Director
Liza Semona
Hospital Director
Abby Robisch
Multimedia Director
Spencer Grohovsky & 
Murphy Jones

Family Directors
Marina Uliano

Jack Otterson 

Head Morale
LE Shirkey

Molly Cerra
Mini Marathon Directors
Mary Charles Bledsoe

Campbell Lacroix 
Head Ignite
Mitra Haj-Hariri
External Director
Allison Phelps
Internal Director
Charlotte Boyd
RSO Relations Director
Catherine LivingstonPublic Relations Director
Margaret Cathcart
Merchandise Director
Kimberly Miller
Design Director
Mary Kay
Alumni Director
Brandi Gayle
Greek Relations Director
Alexis Allegro
Analytics Director
Roshni Samuel
Community Engagement Director
Katie Lewis
Corporate Director
Kemy Barrera
Ignite Director
Kelsey Smith
Internal Fundraising Director
Hope Pavlovec
Hospitality Director
Allison Booth​​
External Fundraising
Isabelle Arnold
Social Media Director
Aryn Navarro
Inclusion Director
Collins Morano
Candy Avila 
Membership Engagement 

2022-2023 Staff

Aniya Nelson

Emily Slamon
Emma Gill

Paige Stepanian
Kendall Hackman
Merchandise Committee 
Lauren Bowen
Emily Petrella
Public Relations Committee 
Olivia Wise

Madi Steffe
Bridget Tracy
Design Committee
Lily Fleischer
Jordan Alfieri
Ivy Banks
Community Engagement Committee
Alyssa Edwards
Nidhi Patel
Erica Flowers
Family Relations Committee
Sarah Bragg
Ashna Patel
Nicole Christian
Mary Rosavick
Isabelle Manne
Emma Gladzisewski
Hospital Relations Committee
Karly Pikel
Chloe Franklin
Erin Holmes
Gianna Trotta
Greek Relations Committee
Evan Walker
Ava Patek
Emma Donovan
Gianna Vancura
Alumni Relations 
Lily Stone
RSO Relations Committee
Reilly Kocian
Anna Goeppner
Emily Pollock
Ella Rapchinski
Minis Committee 
Jake Walker
Caroline Egan
Chloe Narboni
Maggie Fiscus
External Fundraising 
Danielle Hankey
Esha Air
Recruitment Committee 
Tori Ryan
Lindsey Johnson
Haley Garrett
Maia Fitch
Morale CTCs 
Allison Tunney
Deayza Peebles
Emma Grace Jordan
Hayley MacDonald
Lillie Catherine Hyman
Julia Spencer
Ribecca Sperry
Tucker Depuy
Ignite CTCs
Anthony Rousseau
Alex Kingsland
Sarah Andrews
Sophie Simpson
Abby Schaeffer
Maryam Chahoud
Molly Flynn
Paul Herger
Hospitality Committee
Adry Simmons
External Productions 
Ariella Alfieri
Internal Productions 
Emma Hutz
Olyvia Dill
Elizabeth Dubrowsky
Ryan Lubaczewski

Avery Phelps

Caselyn Priddy
Mary Grace Compton
Corporate Relations Committee
Emily Holden
Internal Fundraising 
Sarah Wallace
Abigail Mathias
Laura Allison
Membership Development Committee 
Adriana Delacruz
Anna Walsh
Avery Wyrick
Brooke Hamp
Cara Setzer
Elizabeth Shannon
James Marsden
Lucy Eckbert
Maddy Danforth
Mia Amato
Kaitlyn Porta
Social Media Committee 
Molly Griffin
Macy McLaughlin
Courtney Richard
Inclusion Committee 
Mariana Orihuela
Paige Bervine-Burke
Stephanie Carlin
Outreach Committee 
Lauren Barlett
Kendall Dinkins
Ainsley Way
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