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USCDM Morale Team

Morale is the heartbeat of USCDM! They bring the energy throughout the year and during Main Event. Morale is in charge of teaching the line dance during Main Event, but absolutely no dancing skills are required. Morale members should be energetic and passionate as they learn more about our cause. Moralers will spread the more to help grow our organization. You will dance, meet new people, and have a fun break from school every Sunday.

Morale Team 

Morale Director
Tess Bizzoso
Head Morale
Tucker Hadley
Peyton Law
Morale CTCs 
Marina Uliano
Jack Otterson
Alexa Marino
Jordan Hatcher
Tara Gee
Jackson Torbert
Emma Riley
Tabitha Rippey 
Morale Team
Dashaun Glover
Alexis Ream
Whitney Shirey
Nichola Corbin
Sydney Scoggins
Adrianna Delacruz
Chloe Narboni
Sarah Wallace 
Izzy Yoos
Ashley Benarroch
Julia Spencer
Hayley MacDonald
Community Engagement Committee
Sarah Bragg
Abby Schaefer
Ryann Burch
Family Relations Committee
Olivia Boehm 
Ribecca Sperry
Olivia Herbert
Becca Stoltz
William Fitzpatrick
Murphy Jones
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