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why uscdm? 

I saw firsthand why they say “come for the cause, stay for the people.” DM really is such a family and has become one of my favorite parts of my college experience. This year, I wanted to take the next step and take on a leadership position to dive even deeper into the organization and cause that I adore so much and have loved every minute as the External Fundraising Director. I’m so thankful for this group of people, all the love they pour into each other, and the dedication they show to changing kids’ health.
Emma Grace Jordan,
2022-2023 External Fundraising


This really clicked for me at Spookathon this year when I crouched down on the ground so Lila Mozingo could paint my face. When she was finished drawing lines on my face in green face paint, she looked at me and said, “you’re a tiger!” When I stood back up, I saw the look of pure joy in Lila’s face as she stood there with a line of college students in front of her waiting to get their faces painted. That is when all of my years of DM came into focus. I am involved in this organization to give children and their families a reason to smile through the hardest times of their lives. It is a mission that I am so glad I have stuck with, and it is something that I know will make an impact on children and families long after I move on from USCDM.
Will McLemore,
2022-2023 External Director​


Getting to USC, I wanted to find a way to get involved and Dance Marathon instantly stuck out to me. Getting to learn more about it, I was reminded of my brother. The cause was important to me so I decided to stay in such an amazing organization. It is such a privilege to be able to work with our miracle families and get to hear their stories and how the Child Life specialist gets to help them. The miracle kids and their families are why I do Dance Marathon!
Brooke Hamp,
2022-2023 Family Director

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