Leaderboards and Challenges

Help your team receive matching donations and a variety of incentives by fundraising during USCDM's Day of Miracles on November 12. 

Hero Individual Fundraising Challenge

The top five participant fundraisers from 10am on Tuesday, Nov. 27th - 10am on Wednesday, Nov. 28th will receive a matching donation of the amount fundraised up to $500. 

Final Hero Leaderboards

Team Fundraising

(Top fundraising team receives a $750 donation to their team)

Hero Fundraising

(Top fundraising hero - not sorority or fraternity team member - receives a $100 donation to their page)

Delegate Fundraising

(Top fundraising Delegate receives a $100 donation to their page)

Alumni Fundraising

(Top fundraising Alumni receives a $100 donation to their page)

Sorority Hero Fundraising 

(Top fundraising individual on a sorority team receives a $100 donation to their page)

Fraternity Hero Fundraising

(Top fundraising individual on a fraternity team receives a $100 donation to their page)

One Team One Dream Final Results

Staff Top 5 Fundraisers

Ignite Top 5 Fundraisers

Morale Top 5 Fundraisers

Staff Color Team Leaderboard

Ignite Color Team Leaderboard

Morale Color Team Leaderboard

Top 7 OTOD Fundraisers 


Challenges and Incentives

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