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Fundraising Challenges and Incentives

Track your teams fundraising progress and your individual standings throughout Forever To Thee Kids Day as we work to raise $119,000 in 24 hours from 10 a.m. January 30 to 10 a.m. January 31. 
Check out our newest blog post all about FTTK Day by clicking here.

Hero Individual Fundraising Incentives

The heroes who fundraise the most money in 24 hours in four categories (student org/individual heroes, sorority team member, fraternity team member and Alumni team member) will receive an additional $100 to their donor drive page. View the fundraising leaderboards as they are updated below.

Fundraising Punch Card Challenge

Complete the punch card below anytime after 10am and turn it into USCDM anywhere on campus to receive a Main Event "fast pass" to skip all the lines in the event. *there is a limited number of fast passes available, they will be given out first come, first served*

Hero Individual Fundraising Recognition

The names of each hero who has raised $119 will be featured here to recognize their hard work to be Forever To Thee Kids. Additionally each hero who raises $119 is eligible to receive an exclusive FTTK t-shirt while supplies last. You will also be entered into a raffle to win Apple AirPods.  Shirts will be given out in Russell Ballroom A first come first served.

Erin Posey

Priscilla Young

Lydia Troxell

Claire Hennessey

Caitlin Deltgen

Harrison Andrade

Grace Lynch

Marlena Zinn

Alicia Brune

Cecelia Ostapeck

Julia Khan

Elizabeth Hedden

Julia Manware

Kate Kerwin

Jeff Love

Sarah Cassidy

Perri Liebergall

Elena Mulligan

Christine Flood

Sydney Monckton

Katie Fritsche

Ashley Owens

Allie Cottone

Kylie Rigsby

Rebecca Liebow

Gabriel Boyer

Caroline Lumpkin

Alec Wirstrom

Maya Widmer

Francesca Stuart

emma lapointe

Lauren Etherton

Abby Connolly

Maddie Briley

Sydney Cutter

Emilee Cox

Vittoria Gallello

Chloe Cobb

Chris Campbell

ian lugossy

Ellie Teixeira

Megan Shultz

Elizabeth Wallace

Jordan Parham

Braden Maloy

Stacy Thebner

Carly Wright

Annemarie Cherry

Sara Poggi

Zack Kaplan

Sidney Campbell

Elisabeth Maggio

Jessica Riporti

Morgan Young

Caroline Amarant

Nicole Cummins

Connor Large-Graves

Rachel Busler

Lily Mitchell

Danielle Dixon

Sarah Parks

Maddy McCartney

Jo Jo Winkelmann

Sophia Photinakis

Dan Cepielik

Stephanie Orr

Mary Goodlett

Jac Medve

Grace Campbell

Kelsey Cagle

Gray Sokol

Nicole Czyzewski

Marie Basil

Tara Bond

Eric Alling

Meghan Whitney

Carly Fassler

Kari Gormanos

Courtnee Harpine

Raeghan Albright

Cady Thomas

Scott Samson

Madeleine DeSena

Brieta Diesen

Jenna El Ghatit

Sophia sposato

Haden Levine

Dillon Wingo

Brooke Werts

Kelsey Linkous

Molly Schaubroeck

Caroline Beskid

Carson Rosenbaum

Laney Lenz

Lauren Pilotti

Nicole Amen

Elizabeth Swindells

Lucy Evans

Lucas Cirullo

Kate Smith

Lauren Cuppy

Bailey Ulrich

Bryce Jones

Annie Guttman

Waco Horne

Cassidy Sheppard

Katie Denson

Maddie Greenberg

Kylie Deem

Kylie Purcaro

Zoe Rehman

Carson Lester

Alysia Gustavsen

Alyssa clark

Abbie Durning

Katherine Desjardins

Conor Pernetti

Nicole Cooper


Heather Thompson

Olivia Treanor

Isabella Mueller

Jessica Durham

Kat Kotecha

Gabi Santos

Ellington Tharpe

Savannah Castleberry

Emily Simpson

Olivia Simmons

Taylor Dietrich

Virginia Taylor

Alexandria Pruitt

Vidur Mahensaria

Sarah Sharpe

Rebecca Block

Abbie Daltorio


Hero Leaderboards

Student Org and Individual fundraising heroes

(Top fundraising hero - not sorority or fraternity team member - receives a $100 donation to their page)

Fraternity Hero Fundraising

(Top fundraising individual on a fraternity team receives a $100 donation to their page)

Sorority Hero Fundraising 

(Top fundraising individual on a sorority team receives a $100 donation to their page)

Alumni Fundraising

(Top fundraising Alumni receives a $100 donation to their page)

One Team One Dream Leaderboards

Staff Top 5 Fundraisers

Ignite Top 5 Fundraisers

Morale Top 5 Fundraisers

Staff Color Team Leaderboard

Ignite Color Team Leaderboard

Morale Color Team Leaderboard

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